BUCCARA stands for exceptional homes in wonderful places far from everyday life, where you can enjoy life and feel good – and that is true luxury. Following this philosophy, we design our BUCCARA Villas, Castles & Boats with great attention to detail to create an authentic atmosphere for unique & bespoke retreats.

Local delicacies such as BUCCARA’s own olive oil from Spain and wine from Italy allow you to experience the journey with all your senses and round off your stay to a harmonious whole. With this concept we want to enchant our guests. BUCCARA also allows you to travel in a special way. For example, with our Slow Yachting service, on one or more of our classic Menorquin motor boats. Be inspired by our services!

BUCCARA means “secret place” in old Swahili and became our namesake.

I invite you to enjoy the wonderful experience of our hospitality in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Kashif Arif - Geschäftsführer BUCCARA Gruppe
Kashif Arif
Managing Director BUCCARA Group


“This place, made me and my fiancé’s dreams come true!

The staff here at Pezula Private Castle went beyond the call of duty to make our time here extra special! We truly appreciate all that was done for us, I have never experienced better service in my life and I have been at quite a number of hotels on the garden route and beyond.

The Property Manager, Jeanne, needs to be specifically commended as he was extraordinary in what he arranged for us during our stay. Words cannot describe the beauty of this caste and no picture does the experience justice, I would go back any chance I get.  I do not have a moment’s regret in sourcing out this place for such an important part in our lives, thank you Pezula Private Castle.”

Andre LouwStayed at Pezula Private Castle in December, 2018

“Dear Jeanne,

We were back in India on 4th January 2019 and had a wonderful stay in South Africa. Pezula Private Castle was outstanding, our stay from 25th to 29th Dec 2018 was very comfortable. Property location is outstanding and services, guest care, guest request, handling was outstanding from general manager Jeanne. In fact that was the best property we stayed in during our trip. The only area which needs to be fine-tuned, is the transport between main hotel and Estate. I suggest you may keep a SUV dedicated for guests to drop to their vehicle parking at outside the Estate or the Main hotel.”

Rajashree Birla - Chairperson Aditya birla Centre of Community Initiatives & rural developmentStayed at Pezula Private Castle in December, 2018

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