BUCCARA stands for exceptional homes in wonderful places far from everyday life, where you can enjoy life and feel good – and that is true luxury. Following this philosophy, we design our BUCCARA Villas, Castles & Boats with great attention to detail to create an authentic atmosphere for unique & bespoke retreats.

Local delicacies such as BUCCARA’s own olive oil from Spain and wine from Italy allow you to experience the journey with all your senses and round off your stay to a harmonious whole. With this concept we want to enchant our guests. BUCCARA also allows you to travel in a special way. For example, with our Slow Yachting service, on one or more of our classic Menorquin motor boats. Be inspired by our services!

BUCCARA means “secret place” in Afrikaans and became our namesake.

We invite you to enjoy the wonderful experience of our hospitality in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

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